Question: Why would The Lunch Box be closed?

Answer: The Lunchbox is ALWAYS closed when buses from either Ecole Mother Teresa School or Ecole Fox Run School are cancelled due to weather. Please check both Facebook accounts and school websites, both schools do a great job informing parents of bus cancellation. **NEW** The Lunch Box also has a Facebook page that you can check for updated information as well.

Question: What happens to my child’s lunch when I’ve already paid for it?

Answer: If your child has an order placed for lunch on any day that The Lunch Box is closed due to the bus cancellations, those lunches will be honored as a credit on another day that is agreed upon by you & The Lunch Box! It is important to note that if your child is still present at school on days buses have been cancelled, please make sure to make other arrangements for a lunch on those days! Once again, please check Facebook, the schools website or listen to radio to find out if buses are cancelled.

Question: What happens to lunches if I’ve ordered and my child is sick that day?

Answer: If your child has a lunch ordered and will not be in school to receive it (due to illness, apt, etc), then you MUST to contact myself directly by either email (thelunchboxladyco@gmail.com) , text or phone call to my cell (403-872-3398). If a child is absent and I am not informed properly, I am unable to offer a credit or refund for any missed lunches.